The Treasury

We have always had a challenge with trims for lampshades.  Seems everything under the sun has been used ad Infinitum.  So we are always exploring, searching to find something fresh to fetch our fancy, a fluttery flit from shade to lamp to LIGHT.  


One day we found these strange wee characters made by hand of pretty glass beads.  What ever are they for?  They must be made for us!  They’re for spangles to sparkle the light of a child’s eye when the “Nursery Lamp” is lit.


Alas, like any little girl with a pile of beads, I couldn’t help playing.  “What a lovely necklace these would make for Wittika!”  I thought.  And, then, of course, I wanted one too . . . and a bracelet.  And, what better boy to be with than Richard?  He not only knows how to doodle about too, but he also brings a treasury of technical know-how to the hunt.  After all, he used to make elaborate beaded Indian costumes as a lad.


I was quite happy enough with my frolic, so off I went out into the world wearing my new necklace and bracelet.  


It wasn’t really mine, I could see almost immediately.  Lights were turning on at every turn . . . light to the faces of passers-by . . . EVERY SINGLE soul who crossed my path, turned on their heals and hailed the wee critters ringing round my neck.


All the world was a merry-go-round.  This simple dress-up lifted spirits, UP! . . . men, women, children, and everyone else too.  There wasn’t a single one who didn’t find a capricious smile or a twinkle tickle thought . . . then trickle and tingle over their entire countenance.


After a couple of years of this reaction, and even RE-reaction, we knew we had a mission to finish.


We still are.


And, the people, they too, are still . . . smiling.


The world spins on an axis of pure inspiration, and not on forces of matter.  


One would think we’ve seen it all when tea cups and chowder bowls change the direction of the earth.  But, anew, every day, the gift came anon all dressed up in dress-up play.  They recognized each other.  The dish ran away with MKC, whilst the beads jumped us all . . . over the moon. 


 The Treasure Box

Each piece in a set comes in it’s own precious box.  These treasure boxes have taken Victoria and Richard several years to perfect . . . far longer than the idea of the jewelry itself!  They bring the already modern concept of dress-up with Victoria & Richard MacKenzie-Childs, both backwards, forwards . . . and all the way to now, as they embrace tradition and break it as fast as a wink ;-) 


The box base is a strong board with a wrap of black paper, which frame their regal crest, mounted on common postal wrapping paper, (now brought to a new place in society and history, as Victoria & Richard showcase the elegance of a common laid green tone craft with a fresh vision).  Then a rich ribbon from an old school tie or a swatch of a dashing Swiss Guard, old / new . . . gold & navy ties a tailored knot.  The party’s not over yet!  Lift the lid and INSIDE nests the jeweled treasure on new mown green plastic lawn laid in an electric ground of fluorescent color, ZAPPED . . . that’s a wrap!