Evervolving Vase - Original Prototope

$ 865.00

This particular piece is really important, on many levels:

It is the very first Evervolving Vase made.  I remember this especially, because after painting the stripes with the strains of color pulled through the black & white stripes at the base — just under the gold luster ball & marble, it seemed it needed to be a little more jolly!  So we switched the colors to being yellow & rose stripes.  (With some distance … almost 20 years, — and finding it on a high shelf in the old school library, — ribbon-fallen to the bottom of her skirts, still stately, untouched by time, she knows not of age, of fashion … so practical of purpose is she, confident only in that, all the wiser … newborn in every morning light, in midnight, in day after day after day light.

Her flowers had long died & dried to her sides.  She, oblivious to death, is alive.

Another especially high note is that she is one of the only vases of Evervolving that has her original way of ribboning.  They were all supposed to be dressed in horsehair ribbon, as is she.  But the production of these vases occurred, actually following the fall of MacKenzie-Childs.  The precision of particulars was lost in eyes which had only been able to see the flash-by of production.  To them, it was pink.  Pink was good enough.  

But the function stiffness and pure purpose of milliners horsehair was long lost in missed understanding.

I was so happy she had escaped.  Her serious black & white stripes showed she was not about production — after the fact !  That was important.

Do you know how she became in the first place?  Well she was the very first piece of the Evervolving collection, which, was the very last collection of MacKenzie~Childs.  She was made for the sole purpose of the highest inspiration of the age of recycling in the ways MacKenzie~Childs reused and refused to let waste stack upon dusty piles of cut-offs from production.  There were many decals which didn't make the cut and were cast aside from bouquets of vintage floral ceramic transfers on the shelves of workers carrels.  "We MUST use them!" We said.  They cannot be put to waste but to beauty.

This elegant lady~vase stood so still, as we cut out and pasted her flora round shoulders and all the way down to waist line.

Then, pure platinum necklace, true gold and bronze at the bust, and feathered marble swished over the pillar's base, finishing in what folks think are black & white … but look again.  Look at the color peaking between.

Thus was the master maiden … to me, she says, "I am the queen statement of this late 20th century movement that moves man to tears, children to shrills, and … true ladies, to honestlyness … at least"

-Victoria MacKenzie-Childs

12.75" tall x 8" wide