End of Day Visiting Bench

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The Name for the Visiting Bench contains a story as to how we worked in many ways in our studio. It comes from a long history in the glass works industry: 

From the old days to modern times in Europe, when glassworks would need to turn the glass furnaces down low to conserve fuel in the night after the day's work, they found that in the mornings much of the glass was scorched & colors lost much of the expensive elements which gave them their color. Also the glass became seedy (bubbly & with bits of dust in the clear glass) so they would make what they called "End of the Day" lamps to try to use up any remaining colored glass and they could retrieve their expenses by selling these lamps in the local market or to the glass workers themselves.

We picked up this tradition in many ways throughout our production, from making beautiful colorful table tops from the end of the use of painters pallets, to beautiful frames of end bits of all materials & supplies used throughout the production & prototype studios, to special pieces using cutoff waste from ceramic transfers, to — the "End of the Day" Visiting Bench!

The seamstresses were asked to stitch any scraps from the day's work into crazy quilt squares, which, after we had enough to use for the upholstery on these benches, we would stitch them, linked together with red and black velveteen strips between each little crazy quilt square.

Materials: Birch wood, poplar trimmings, maple and walnut veneer, artists oils mural faux marbling, checks, oil enamel decoration and banding. Finished with 24K gold leaf, glass beaded fringe, Florentine paper, wallpaper, old maps, plaid paper (on back), rolled copper brass tacks and hard lacquer finish. Cushion: Upholstered with handmade crazy quilt bordered in velveteen.

Condition: Upholstery is a bit faded, but very pretty as it has softened with the years.

64" long x 20" deep x 49" tall

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